Where do money come from?

I read the whole faq, but I still don’t understand where do money come from? How are creator paid? Who give money when I get some Rewards (as a viewer)?

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When the blockchain was created, some amount of LBC were set aside on a wallet owned by LBRY Inc. When you get a reward, this comes from that.

LBRY Inc. has reserved 10% of all LBRY Credits to fund continued development and provide profit for the founders. Since Credits only gain value as the use of the protocol grows, the company has an incentive to continue developing this open-source project, and we can do it all without taking a percentage of anyone’s transactions.

LBRY, Inc. controls a significant number of LBRY credits (LBC). At the inception of the blockchain, it was 400,000,000 LBC.

Community fund

The Community Fund is 200m LBC reserved for spreading usage and adoption of the LBRY protocol. The more people that use and love LBRY, the stronger the LBRY network is.

At a high-level, this fund will be used for the following purposes:

  • Seeding consumers with initial credits
  • Recruiting producers to use LBRY
  • Encouraging all users to share LBRY and invite friends
  • Rewarding community contributors

We expect a dispersal of this fund lasting a period a minimum of 5 years and likely closer to 10.