What is the economic incentive to run a LBRY node?

Hi, I understand the LBRY incentives for content producers, but what incentives are there for people who run LBRY nodes?

I’m not sure who funds the running of LBRY data nodes, maybe only the company that created LBRY? From my perspective, LBRY can’t be the worldwide solution of incentivized content unless there is an incentive for individuals to contribute to a massive P2P network of LBRY storage nodes.

Maybe an explanation of storage incentives has been published somewhere, but if so I haven’t been able to find it.

it’s out of this world and comprehension, hence the reason why it works in my opinion. Also, I think there are 3d hard drives available so may be cost effective solution paired that with cacheing.

but recently now 2021 there are decentralized storage networks: chia plots and btt which are very redundant (cencorshipproof) options but its just my conclusion lbry doing that

I am starting to feel like I’m being lied to and I hope it isn’t the case. Lbry likes to taught itself as the solution to youtube but at present I only see signs of a centralized set of servers that we upload our videos to and nothing more. No explanation on how the p2p network functions, how videos end up on it and how people will find you on said network in order to consume videos instead of going to their central servers. Also where the information such as number of followers, number of views, comments and such are stored on this block chain they claim they use.

It is quite the mystery why you’d make all of these glorious claims yet not have a single document anywhere to explain how they work. If I ever figure it out I will do them a video to explain it to others but so far after weeks of hunting and sniffing the network for clues I’m still stuck on master servers doing all the work.

As for incentives, there are none that I’ve seen. People are not going to want to waste their diskspace to support a network like this. I can’t even setup a server that could possibly backup all of my content I’ve posted over the years, yet we are supposed to believe this network somehow does.

No one is lying to you, but you’re 100% correct that it’s either poorly explained, or not explained at all. I’m working on addressing this issue (I’m posting my findings on my blog), but I don’t have as much time as I’d like, and since the documentation is so scarce, it’s slow work.

Yeah, none of this is stored on the blockchain. The blockchain is only used for LBC transactions, and channel and content metadata. From the source code it seems that comments might one day be decentralized, but currently they aren’t.