UI Design & Site Direction for Odysee Ideas

I’m not sure whom to contact or discuss this with but I’m a UI Designer & I want to help out with LBRY/Odysee, I know you are in the early stages which can make it hard to justify spending all this time and effort creating a perfect layout but I think there is a lot of room for improvement. I mean this in the best way possible, I love all the motives for the project and everything you’ve done so far. However, when the public see’s and interacts with the website it is completely determined by the UI. It is everything to them, they know nothing about the LBRY backend they know nothing about any of the programming all that matters to them is how they are able to interact with the page and the content and the UI design completely determines those possibilities. The credibility of the website is also determined by its looks and layout and quality of design. I know the core LBRY users are not overly concerned with the layout since they are more concerned with the decentralized features but I know they definitely wouldn’t have objections to being able to use the site more easily. I have been working on a video platform design in my free time for the last couple years as I compiled issues and problems both with censorship, clickbait and the new ways that people have been engaging and using video, I came across LBRY a couple years ago and thought it was a good concept but I wasn’t sure if decentralization was necessary and still had planned to create my own project. I’m still on the fence in some areas, but I think there is a hybrid system that can work best and have the best of both worlds. I’m imaging leaving the backend of LBRY accessible and decentralized but making Odysee an extremely solid and well designed way to engaged with all the content being uploaded to LBRY. Seeing the addition of Odysee is what lead me to reach out as well as Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying’s move to the platform. I know that Bret & Heather would have found my own personal concept interesting and engaging and I was excited to see that LBRY created Odysee. I’m not sure who would like to discuss this or the best way to go about working or making a serious upgrade to the UI and project concept possible but thanks for taking the time to read this regardless. Very interested to hear any feedback or ideas that any of the devs or people making decisions might have

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Have you had any answer on this? I just got Odysee and although I likely the concept, there’s a lot of UI bugs that definitely need squashing and I would love to contribute by reporting the bugs, as well as discussing UI features and things to add… is this where I should be doing it?

Yes, by email. I agree it would be useful to have a feature for high-quality UI debugging and feedback. I’m putting together a detailed description of my own product and the relevant features etc… but won’t get a second till I finish another build I’m working on at the moment. I’ll send you a message when I get to that and maybe we can hammer the most important design critiques/ improvements we think could be useful.