Trying to dig into LBRY

I like learning by debugging, so I’ve been set up the entire stack locally from the desktop app to lbrycrd. It went pretty smoothly up until lbry-sdk, but things are starting to get fuzzy for me with at that point. I could power through it, but I thought I’d make sure I’m on the right track.

At the moment I’m going through the resolve / search examples from the playground, I did see that the SDK is sending requests to wallet servers. I haven’t set one up yet, but I’m wondering if it’s necessary. On the overview page it says “Without wallet servers, clients would have to download the full blockchain.” Does that mean I can skip that step, setup chainquery, and configure the SDK to send requests there instead of a wallet server, or is it required to set one up?

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Ok, managed to figure it out on my own. It seems wallet servers have a similar function to chainquery in that they also index the blockchain, so it makes more sense to skip chainquery and setup a wallet server rather than the other way around.

There’s a whole page on setting one up and running it from the IDE rather than docker is relatively painless as well.

If anyone is interested I ended up writing a tutorial on setting the chain of services from a local instance to the wallet server, up for debugging:

HOW TO: Setup LBRY Wallet for debugging

I’ll probably be writing more of these as I go along.