SDK API, Mempool, stream_update and Channel stream list order

Ok, I’m new to the forum and have been using the API a couple days now. A quick breakdown:

Mac OSX, App: 0.49.4, Daemon (lbrynet), 0.88.0, PHP API wrapper

So, I’m adding a bunch of videos whose original release dates on other platforms were in the past. I’m hoping to preserve - at least - the order from earliest to latest such that when you look at the channel in LBRY, the order reflects this.

I know I can achieve this manually by uploading the earliest video, giving it a bit of time, then uploading the next, etc. But there are hundreds of videos.

So I automated with the PHP wrapper - and am still doing the uploads via the API sequentially - I’ve put a bit of a sleep between publish calls.

My question is this - it seems like some are out of order. I investigated and thought maybe setting blocking = true, would enforce a sequential upload date, But still seeing some things out of order.

So the question is - is there a way to update the streams so that they reflect the right order? I see there is a release_time which I could update en masse for all the streams with some API magic, but would that accomplish my goal of preserving essentially upload date from these other platforms?

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Yes, you’ll want to set the release date. The searching sorts by this by default.