Reinvigorating the forum

There are a few changes coming to the forum:

First, we moved it from to In fact all of and are gonna be merged eventually. LBRY is a technical protocol, and there’s no reason to separate the tech stuff out. Please update your bookmarks (do people still do that these days???)

Similarly, this forum is a technical forum. It’s meant for topics like protocol design, implementation, running nodes, cryptoeconomics, technical support, and so on. It’s not a place to shill unrelated projects, vent about politics, or sihtposting. The LBRY foundation discord is far better suited for those. Doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, just keep the fun in scope.

Finally, @Madiator2011 is going to take the lead on nurturing this forum. He has deep roots with the LBRY protocol and I’m looking forward to the energy he’s gonna bring here. If you’d like to help out with the forum in any way, please reach out to him or myself with your ideas.



Good to know - seems there’s actual action happening in the development area now.
Is this, by any chance, because of the new LBRY Inc / Odysee Inc split?


It was kinda my idea to resurect it. It might be more friendly way to connect devs with people that are non tech. For some of them Github is too complicated :slight_smile:


Nice I forgot I had an account on here!


Hello Madiator,
Since you have long related with LBRY. What kind of webpage do you think can utilize the protocol?
LBRY is known for the chain of digital publishing. So after video site there should be a music site?Book site?
What’s your take on building what kind of web project that can uniquely benefit from LBRY other than other public chain?

Hey :wave:

Obviously there’s Odysee, but other than that, there’s Madiator’s own version of LBRY here.
There’s also a LBRY music site called Hound FM.

There’s also a project called LBRYPress - which is currently on hold - where, when complete, you can use it to turn any self hosted WordPress site, in to a LBRY powered site.

I’m not sure what the future for that project is, but if it’s continued, it’ll be very exciting.

I think as the protocol gets more popular, we’ll start to see more sites start popping up built on the LBRY framework.