Question's for LBRY team

Hello team LBRY!

  1. Will you make two factor authentication? Because at the moment if someone steals mail, he will get full control over the account.
  2. Why you don’t use video codec like YouTube? Sometimes guys says it’s more efficiently and they wait it.
  3. If you not enough money on development you can use kickstarter, why not?

Our need LBRY or seem project’s, because censorship, ads, nonrespect clients and users become intolerable. Thank’s for you job!

2FA is being considered, but there is no ETA atm.

Only videos that meet certain criteria, like having x amount of views, or x amount staked on the channel, qualify for auto encoding/compression. The compression can be a bit hit or miss. However, the team said yesterday, they are currently improving this now. You can also read more about it here on an issue I made for it a few weeks ago. Hopefully some improvements coming soon.

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