Problems installing LBRY on Mac - High Sierra

hi People,
hope this is the right place to post.

I’ve tried to install LBRY on my iMac, and when I try to start the app, I get this:

Daemon has Exited
The daemon may have encountered an unexpected error, or another daemon instance is already running.

I’m running High Sierra (10.13.6) and I believe the requirement is 10.12.

thanks for any suggestions…

This is the LBRY desktop app? Can you run sudo netstat -nav | grep -i listen and sudo ps aux | grep lbry in the terminal and post the output, if you’re still having this issue.

It usually just means it was already running in the background.
Try closing it from the system tray or task manager and try installing again.
If it still doesn’t working, back everything up, uninstall the app, restart the computer, then try again.

I see the post is 11 days old, so I guess you probably fixed it already?