PPA question: Bitcoin core in LBRY?

Hey there!

I was just following this guide to install LBRY for my Raspberry Pi.

And I was wondering what’s the story here with installing Bitcoin cores?

What has that to do with LBRY?


LBRY is basically a fork of Bitcoin, expanded to also allow storing an index of hosted files alongside transaction data.

Hey thanks for replying! I couldn’t find any good info on this. Have you got any further references about this? Cheers!

I don’t think I saw anything about it in the official docs, but I’m playing around with various projects they host on github, and caught several references to Bitcoin. Going through the git logs it’s pretty easy to figure out that lbrycrd was forked from bitcoin core, and lbcd was forked from btcd, or to find pull requests that replace references to BTC with LBRY, and implement the extra content hosting stuff.

When you say that it’s forked, do you mean they took the source code and applied it to their own blockchain, or that the LBRY blockchain somehow runs off of bitcoin?

The former, LBRY started a new blockchain from 0, as far as I can tell.