No 32bit installer for windows?

I went to download the lbry destop app and it failed because my OS is not 64bit, I back to the site and there was no alternate download for 32bit

no there may not be, 32 bit wasn’t developed or it lost to 64 bit not sure since I started using lbry in 2019 it has changed very little for me and I dont know for sure here is a link for previous versions and all version of the lbry desktop app
alternately use linux mint or upgrade to to windows 64 if you have 3 gigs of ram even though four is the way. Upgrading is cheap assuming a manual backup of personal data and a clean install.

It’s true. Many, many software packages are forgoing 32bit support entirely. The reality is… the install base for 32 bit (both Windows and Linux) is shrinking rapidly. Which makes it harder and harder to justify spending engineering and QA time on those systems.

It’s a bummer, really. But it makes sense from the software vendor point of view to slowly phase out 32bit support.

The previous recommendation is a good one. Install a 64 bit OS if your hardware is capable of it. No significant drawbacks, and you’ll gain access to more software from vendors that (for various reasons) can’t support 32bit going forward.