My impressions and feedback after a week of heavily utilizing the app


I grew up with computers, and 2400 modems, taking days to download some simple software and other teenage interests :slight_smile:

And here we are now, this amazing tool in our pockets that is both poison and panacea, depending of course on how we utilize it.

I’ve had a growing interest in decentralized software over the past few years, as I understand the toxicity of the platforms we find ourselves funneled through. Last week I came across this project and was intrigued, so maybe this feedback can be helpful to you moving forward:

You’re doing a great job! Everything works reasonably well! It looks nice, It’s fun playing around the software, and the content generally loads efficiently.

It’s hard work finding the content that I want to see. The long list of thumbnails is tiring. I have a large screen and it is frustrating to have such a small view of a prospective channel or video offering.

A short drop down so I can view the metadata for the file, to review legitimacy, and help me understand if I really want to dedicate time and resources to the content I am viewing.

Often times those of us with the loudest voices, have the least to say
And the quietest among us the most.

I see a potential problem with setting the algorithm to show content based upon staking and tipping alone, there needs to be more soft impression based metrics as well, like, love, hate, disgust. Having the emotive response is crucial to getting the right videos in front of the right person and balance out those who have the most to stake.

The static of chatterboxes is a difficult problem to solve. I mentioned on the discord chat about the logic of pairing the LBRY protocol with the scuttlebutt protocol. LBRY takes care of blob file sharing, marketing, and commerce, while the scuttlebutt is the social/individual connection web of trust layer. We need our friends to help us filter out the noise. I believe this is a crucial aspect of a project such as this. I’ve been exploring the scuttlebutt protocol, and patchwork browser and it has an active community! I believe Patchwork is Electron Based as well)

Read up on the protocol, as I believe the advantages of combining the two could be immeasurable.

With regards to the look of the app, I have a large screen and everything looks small. Pretty much all of the images could be greatly increased in size for large format screens. It would be cool to have fancier buttons for tipping, support ect. Over all it is pleasant and attractive, whoever is working on it has a good eye for colors :slight_smile:

I am curious about transaction fees, and why they are so variable, for seemingly the same transaction. Even though the value is small now, I wonder about what would happen if the token were of a high value.

How does the individual thrive when the cost of entry increases?

Does the present system favor the “clever” ones in some ways?

It’s getting late and I have to get my kiddos to school in the morning. Good night and good luck. This is important and valuable work you’ll are doing. Many thanks! I hope someone can glean some value of this. I certainly have more ideas, If anyone wants to ask any specific questions about a new users experience, feel free to ask.

Ohh, and it’d be cool to have my first follower if anyone would like.


Take care,


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Sorry for the delayed response, but thanks for all the feedback Jeff! We know there issues with trending and how tags are being abused, we are looking into potential solutions.

What size/resolution is your screen?

Transaction fees will vary by how large the transactions are, which depends on where the incoming LBC for the payment come from. You should read up about the Bitcoin UTXO model for more information.

Send us your LBC address and we’ll get some appreciation over!

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No worries, I imagine each of you have a gazillion tasks and ideas, but our time is limited :slight_smile:

My screen is a 27 inch 2560 x 1440 (QHD/WQHD - Wide Quad High Definition)

Thanks for pointing me towards that concept, I will ponder that one :slight_smile:

Thanks for all you do.

My address is: bJFQtNLwPC28mzLRMDH4eRGD4LN3ksBnPw

Have a good one and let me know if you’d like any more feedback.