- Road to LBRY Decentralization

Hello everyone!
I’m here to present you my project called
Goal of this project are:

  • Make web front-end that not requires LBRY Inc
  • Promote usage of Desktop App over centralized web instances like Odysee
  • Showcasing size of the network and promoting data seeding
  • Incentivize people to run hub, blockchain and SDK nodes

Current services running for :

  1. - LBRY web instance using old source code with changes to using SDK to stream files to user rather than using reflector servers hosted by LBRY Inc or Odysee Team.

  2. - Dashboard that allows you to see how many blockchain nodes are in LBRY Network.

  3. - Public hub server for desktop app and SDK users not run by LBRY Inc.

  4. DHT and DNS Seed nodes - DHT node helps with blobs finding on LBRY Protocol and DNS Seed nodes help discover blockchain peers for every new user that want to sync blockchain.

  5. - New experimental project of running comments server that it’s not run by Odysee team (PS. This servers do not see each others comment so for now my server is almost empty, fell free to test and post feedback)

If you like my projects and want to support it send tip to my LBRY Channel lbry://@Madiator2011#e or donate using other crypto at

Thank you!


How much manual work did you put into deploying this, and do you by chance have documentation on the process and hardware specs used? One of the things I’m working on is documenting and automating the deployment process of LBRY servers since what we have has kind of evolved to it’s current state over time and there hasn’t been a fresh deployment from scratch in probably years.

What you need is sdk instance, reverse proxy, fork of my code.

Yeah, that’s about the state the instructions are in currently. Ideally I’d like to get it to the point where all your dealing with is like docker images, docker-compose and/or kubernetes configs, and maybe some terraform or cdk stacks. Of course you can always have a custom setup, but have like set a few auth configs, then one click, and it chooses sane defaults and gets you up and running completely automated is the vision. We probably won’t get there, but we can definitely make improvements over the current state of things.