Linode StackScript for lbcd

If anyone is interested in running a LBRY blockchain node, I made a StackScript for linode Linode Manager (I don’t think the link works unless you’re logged into a linode account.) This is the new version of LBRY’s blockchain server that’s written in golang and is under active development. You need at least an 8GB linode ($40/month) to be able to run lbcd. Make sure to add a private ip to the node because it forwards the rpc port and binds to that for the hub and block processor to connect to. The only settings you really need to worry about are the username and password, which you’ll use later to log into the linode.

This takes a linode from scratch, adds a user, installs all the dependencies that are need (it’s running on docker, so that’s the big), downloads a snapshot and gets it into place, (this saves hours, maybe days of sync time) and starts the server with docker-compose. It does take quite a while to start, maybe around 30 minutes, so if you want to monitor it to make sure it’s working, you can log in as root once the node is in a “Running” state and run tail -f /var/log/stackscript.log which is where it logs its output. Once it’s all running you can monitor / interact with the server via docker / docker-compose in the account that the script creates (lbry, by default).

I’ll be making similar StackScripts for the hub to aid in our efforts to make running LBRY servers more accessible.

EDIT: Here’s my referral link is anyone does want to try running one, I believe you get $100 in linode credit for a month, which is more than enough to run a node