LBRYPress Wordpress Plugin thread

Hi, thanks a lot for the great project, needless to say why such a platform is a god send and I am more than willing to participate actively to it.

I have a couple of quick questions if it’s ok:

  1. I have installed the plugin on a wordpress installation but when setting up it wont let me copy the wallet adders nor write it down manually, I don’t understand?
  2. Where do I find the credential to off the details, are there in my libry accounts or do I have to create a new account?
  3. There is a tool called snax edited by Bring the pixel : It has a full interface and is in use on many instances it could be a good idea to try to piggybacking on it’s pre-existing. Anyone with knowledge of the plugin would be able to guide me in the requirement gathering?


I replied via the helpdesk ticket - let me know if that helps.

Not sure about the integration with the snax site, but you can check out our APIs here: