LBRY block chain scaling

As an experienced developer I would like to get started with receiving expert feedback from developers who have been using the LBRY protocol regarding scalability so that I can learn the required computing power needed for running a LBRY node:

  1. Bitcoin requires a node to run a “large” node containing all the transactions and as of last year that amounted to roughly if I remember correctly 20 GB. How is the LBRY block chain compare to that?
  2. Starting a new Bitcoin node requires weeks to catch up with the latest transactions, if the node goes down the amount time to catch up is lengthy, meaning it could take hours. How long does it take to catch up for a participating node?
  3. I have installed the LBRY app on a Ubuntu 18.04 and am running it without a problem indicating that it is acting as a client and is accessing blockchain journals (?) If so where are the journals/nodes confirming the transactions?
  4. And now for the most significant in my mind the question: Will the ability to scale LBRY keep up with the total users so that it does not present a forced centralization of a decentralized protocol. This appears to be the case with Bitcoin because very few are able to actually maintain a node and keep up with it. I had to start my Bitcoin node three times from scratch due to file issues and power outages before I gave up trying to run a node.

thank you in advance for your thoughts on this.