LBRY Android Release - Eclipse (0.12.0)

We’re pleased to announce that LBRY Eclipse for Android is now live! Main new feature is internationalization with 9 new languages. We’ve made some improvements to the first run flow, including removing the password prompt for new users (existing users with passwords will still be prompted) and auto signing in if a password was not used. Full password / password change support to come in a future release.

Read the blog post here:

Hi, I think i run this release… (0.12.1) so i will respond here.

I notice:
-I disabled the option, run sdk in background… but there still is a notification that it runs in the background. Not sure if that notification is correct, or it just does not care about the setting.
-I really would like an option that it does not use mobile data when running in the background. I see it did not use a lot of data, but i would really hate to see my monthly data package was used in the background.

Welcome to the forum!

The notification will still be while the app is running, but will close once you close out of the app.

For background data, you can either make sure it’s closed or try restricting it from the Android system settings. I’ll make sure there is a feature request filed for this.