Is there any way to disable Google Analytics for Odysee embeds?

Using GTM/GA on itself may be okay, but loading those on other sites that embed videos from Odysee compromises the privacy of visitors of those sites.

Good point.
Google Analytics is now illegal in Europe, so this could be problematic.

It would be good to know what the legal stance on this is.
Even if not enforceable, it might discourage users from embedding Odysee content on their sites.

Europe’s Move Against Google Analytics Is Just the Beginning

According to the Austrian Data Protection Authority, the website’s operators violated the GDPR by transferring the user’s personal data to Google in the U.S. As established in a bombshell 2020 ruling by the EU’s top court, sending personal data to a company in the U.S. is illegal if that company can’t guarantee the data’s safety from U.S. intelligence services. And thanks to the U.S.'s Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), no American company can provide that guarantee.

An example of the tags spilling over on to sites it’s been embedded on:


@Electron I’d also posted on GitHub issues, and it did get an official response:

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