Interested bypasser

Hi lbryians,
Let me introduce myself a bit. I am robb, dutch guy, living in Belgium. I am an opensource and open content evangelist and was pointed to another decentralized video platform in a topic on Diaspora*. I am not that much of a video-service-watching-guy, but anything that can replace youtube must be more safe than the datagrabbing and privacy violating evilness of Google (or equally bad: Facebook)
I am trying to get away of all those privacy violators and was looking a bit further into the world of blockchain based content providers.
I just started to read some info so bear with me, I am a complete novice on this and basically a simple sysadmin that is exploring new techniques.
Reading along, raises a LOT of questions (by me anyways).
I am familiar with decentralized systems like Diaspora* and Mastodon. However, the blockchain based solutions seem quite different.
I understand there is a client part and a server part of lbry, am I right? I saw some install options to install on .deb based linux flavors. I am more a .rpm guy, and running fedora on my laptop and CentOS on my servers. Where can I find a clear, (preferably) step-by-step howto to install on other Linux flavors, for both the client and the server parts?
Is there an overview on how many nodes there are in the LBRY network? (just to see if the network is growing and determine what impact it has)

I am not a coder, but more a community guy and a simple sysadmin. I am just passing by to watch “something different” happening… :slight_smile:
good luck with the project, for now I will drop by from time to time…


Welcome Robb!

I’d say your opinions and preferences line up with most of the people around these parts :slight_smile:

The blockchain and the data network are separate pieces and separate networks.

  • Check out lbrycrd to run the blockchain code from source
  • Check out lbry to run the data network and SPV wallet from source
  • Check out lbry-desktop to run an graphical browser from source (this bundles the above project).

This page will show some stats about the number of miners.

For the data network, I’m not sure there’s a great way to get a firm count, since by it’s nature there’s no coherent view.

@eukreign is there any easy way to get everything end-to-end running in a single environment?