Instructions for running Odysee?

I would like to be able to run a LBRY node on my server and access the frontend via some decentralized platform. Is Odysee a static site that could be served via IPFS? Can I add a query string parameter or something that will cause Odysee to point at my LBRY node instead of whatever node points at?

Alternatively, is Odysee open source so I could run a copy on my server and perhaps just change a constant in it to point at my own LBRY node?

I apologize if I’m asking the wrong questions, I’m a veteran of censorship resistant applications, but new to LBRY.


I’m new to LBRY as well, and I’ve been recently trying to answer similar questions myself, and managed to figure out a good deal of them.

LBRY is mostly open source (I think some components, like comment servers, are not), you can find their repositories here: LBRY · GitHub
Odysee is a new version of their old website - (sorry for the weird formatting, the forum doesn’t let me put more than 2 links in a post). I didn’t find the source for Odysee, but it does not seem all that different from the old site. is also a desktop app (there should be a download link on the main page of, and the desktop app can be easily pointed at a custom node, they explain how to do it in their FAQ: What are wallet servers and how do I configure/install them? - LBRY

I also recently I went through the process of setting up a LBRY stack from a local webapp instance, to a local blockchain node, and ended up write a tutorial about it. Maybe you’ll find that useful too: HOW TO: Setup LBRY Wallet for debugging

Is there instructions anywhere for running as a server rather than as a desktop app? It is much easier to sandbox a server than a desktop app, so I would prefer that if possible.

How deep into it do you want to get? Yeah, you can set it up to run on a webserver and it’s fairly straight forward, you can just follow the instructions from the readme (see: Running from Source -> Run the web app for development / Deploy the web app).

The thing is that the web app is using a whole bunch of other services to query the blockchain, fetch the videos, fetch and post the comments etc. If you want to set up each of those, the closest thing you’ll get is my debugging article from the previous comment.