How to sign in and upload video using the lbry-sdk

I am running the lbry-sdk and would like to use it to batch upload video files. I have made an account and a channel using the LBRY website. I know I need to use the publish method, but I am unsure where to get the channel_account, account_id, wallet_id, funding_account arguments. Which of these arguments do I need and where do I get these values?

Thank you.

First you’d want to run the LBRY Desktop app at and sign into your account - that will pull in your wallet. You don’t need to add any account/wallet/funding , just the channel_id of your channel when you want to publish under a channel. You can find that by doing a lbrynet channel list

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Thank you for your help, I think I understand, but I’m not sure which of the output values from lbrynet channel list is the channel_id. Could you let me know which of the values from the API documentation here I should be using?

Thanks again!

It would be the claim_id:

  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "result": {
    "items": [
        "address": "bHi3b7diCyKSiCNvKSNQsMnbmvwS2MV7Sf",
        "amount": "0.001",
        "canonical_url": "lbry://@test#cd",
        "claim_id": "cdaf0e0dd3caff07e5f1ae0d3cf4adf6c4ab3272",
        "claim_op": "create",
        "confirmations": 9840,
        "has_signing_key": true,
        "height": 855377,
        "is_internal_transfer": false,
        "is_my_input": true,
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