How to filter/block claims on a hub-server?

I’ve been trying to get hub-server going, and got there eventually by following instructions from here How To Run Your Own Wallet Server (Using lbrycrd 17.4.6 though)

I don’t really want the content with copyright issues or other illegal content to be accessible via my hub. How would one block/filter a claim on a hub-server?

From Brendon Brewer:

You just have to repost them to a special channel that you mark for this purpose.
You can import the default LBRY blocking lists.
You set environment variables. I know how to do this in bash only, like this:

export FILTERING_CHANNEL_IDS="770bd7ecba84fd2f7607fb15aedd2b172c2e153f 95e5db68a3101df19763f3a5182e4b12ba393ee8"
export BLOCKING_CHANNEL_IDS="dd687b357950f6f271999971f43c785e8067c3a9 06871aa438032244202840ec59a469b303257cad b4a2528f436eca1bf3bf3e10ff3f98c57bd6c4c6"

If the person is using the Docker image, it automatically does this