How I know that I'm collaborating with Lbry Network?

Ok, I installed and started lbry desktop and saw the log, everything is ok, but I can’t identify that I was a seed for another connection.

How I know that I’m uploading files for anothers people?

Can I do this seeing the log file?

Hi! The forum isn’t very active, and I’m pretty new here myself, so I don’t the answer, but it’s an interesting question. I’ll be looking into it, and I’ll let you know what I find.

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Ok, I think I found it. It should be in the lbrynet log (see here on where to find it on your OS). Look for entries from lbry.blob_exchange.server, like:

2021-05-11 13:37:23,527 INFO     lbry.blob_exchange.server:106: sent cb9f7836 (2097152 bytes) to

Make sure you set up your router to open ports 3333/4444 for TCP/UDP respectively, as described in the LBRY FAQ: How does content hosting work? - LBRY

I can’t see this message in my log, and I’m scanning the entire day. I’m thinking that the lbry is a fake p2p network.

Well, I didn’t type that message into the log manually, so I’m pretty sure it’s not fake :wink:

On the page I linked they mention:

For proper communication to occur, your router must have UPNP enabled or you have to manually port forward 3333 TCP / 4444 UDP (see router on how to do so, each one is different).

Did you set that up? It wasn’t working for me either until I reconfigured my router.