Getting started

There aren’t too many tutorials out there, and even the video link for the electron starter project links to the wrong video. I had to search for it before I could find it.

While trying out the electron starter project, all I get is a window with “Hello World” and “Starting SDK” and it stays like that forever.

Please help.

Hi, I am also looking at how to get started and wanted to add to this question.
On the LBRY site
the Developer Setup Intro under Getting started with LBRY development returns NULL (nothing available at this location) when clicking the links to view getting started videos. Specifically, four links are pointing to:

https: // lbry. tv/7da73fc508ffc4ff8b2711e3c3950110430b0c5f/LBRYAppDesign
https: // lbry. tv/e781060bc708247f07afebc02d5f75cfba8e2c4b/video-2018-10-15053403
https: // lbry. tv/967f99344308f1e90f0620d91b6c93e4dfb240e0/lbrynet-dev-setup
https: // lbry. tv/5803b66dca7707584b36fe6b644f278fc39d1adf/intro-to-LBRYcrd

My questions are:

  1. How / where can I find the videos in the links above?
  2. Can I edit that page to correct the links?