Getting confirmation status with lbrynet SDK

Is it possible to get the status of a publication’s confirmation using the LBRY SDK (lbrynet) or some other tool? Publications take a long time to confirm and it would be nice to be able to make a sort of progress bar for it.

I think you can do this, but it’s late here and I’m half a sleep, so don’t take my word for it.

./lbrynet getclaimbyid claim_id | findstr "height"

"height"              (numeric) the height of the block in which this claim transaction is located
"valid at height"     (numeric) the height at which the claim is valid

@grin I’m guessing that the parameter “valid at height”, is indicating the block height the claim will become valid at, after the default amount of confirmations have passed, but it’s a total guess. There’s nothing in the documentation to explain what this parameter represents, from what I can see. Could you explain it, if you know what it means? Thanks :slight_smile:

If you want to let people know how long until the next block comes in, that’s not possible. We can’t predict how long it’ll take to mine the next block. We can say that on average it’s about 160 seconds, but it sometimes takes just a few seconds and sometimes half an hour (rare but it happens).

If you’re talking about a different kind of confirmation, then it may be possible but I’d need more details.