Formas de lograr construir una Vivienda digna

We know that the populational index at world level is every bigger day, for several causes or circumstances, but before this growing and unrestrainable increase of human beings, I receive curiosity and it is where they will live, to cohabit or to inhabit this generations that day by day are increased, to view and patience of the society that alone it is faithful witness of the sad reality in many countries of third world, the one is also attributed that me importismo the rulers’ many times that don’t implement political of state to provide a worthy housing for poor families or that they are below this it lines of poverty (Poverty), many of these families when seeing the silence accomplice hidden by the lack of its rulers’ desicion, they are forced to improvise constructions of shacks, sheds, or simply four walls of I plasticize or cardboard, if it is there where human beings live that for the necessity of being covered of the one Fried, rains or the inclemencies of the climate, they don’t have left another option.
A method practiced thousands of years exists behind and perfected by some professionals of different parts of the planet, on the construction of the Houses of Earth or well-known as * * you MARRY OF SUPER ADOBE * *. This technique is based on the construction of housings with the help of polipropileno bags filled with earth. Bags or patented sleeves exist, but polipropileno sacks can also be used that there are them all around the world, be already sacks for filled of rice, corn, balanced, ect, we can also use geomembranas but compound mainly of polipropileno for that which we would be making the sleeves or bags according to the suggestions of the experts. These bags will use them for the one filled with earth, these processes don’t require of so much investment but if of the community work, it is there where this the magic of this type of projects. 2021-03-04T05:00:00Z! Screenshot_20201029-181158|690x345