[Discussion] Federated comments server

As we know currently LBRY Desktop app is depending on centralized comment servers that can’t be setup without usage of LBRY Inc API’s (GitHub - OdyseeTeam/commentron).
My idea is to make HUB’s system like. That would allows pick users comments server aka federation. Another idea is to use system that Zeronet is using (comments are being send to another 5 peers and it goes again and again), user could delegate space for comments or only download comments for selected channels.


Another option could be to treat them as posts on the network and for them to have either a channel or a content claim id attached to them so that you could find all the comments on a certain claim.

I like idea of Zeronet that text are being distributed to 5 other peers in network. Would love to see that system implemented with lbry protocol.