Content views does not add to the sum when uploding via lbrynet cli

I use lbrynet cli to upload my content,views for any content added like this does not add to the sum of views on or, untill I update the content manually.

I use --release_time in my command.

Any ideas?


Views are tracked via the LBRY apis

Thanks Thomas,
Maybe i wasn’t clear.

I can see views in my content page, but this views not added to the sum on my analytics page.
After updating (adding a space to description on, views appear on analytics.
I can’t add screenshots since I’m new member :slight_smile:

I think this maybe a bug, or I have to add some parameter to my upload script…

Has it been working now? There may be a delay between the analytics and views on the page itself.

No, it’s only update when I edit content. And after editing it’s appear in a few seconds in analytics.
Here is an example of editing a 10 days content:


I’m using 'lbrynet publish ’ maybe i shoud use ‘lbrynet stream create’ …

No luck, its the same with “lbrynet stream create” :thinking: