Be Seen On Odysee's Most Followed Channel

Get Your Project Seen

The LBRYnomics Community is looking for projects to highlight on our LBRY://Nomics channel.

With over 129k followers, our channel is the most followed non LBRY Inc / Odysee Inc channel on the entire network.


If you have a good LBRY project and would like it featured on the LBRYnomics channel, please follow the instructions below and we’ll post it for you on LBRYnomics

  • Make a nicely presented post about your project that is in an accessible area to grab, such as Google Docs.
  • Include images if you can
  • Make it Layman, so a typical person can understand it.
  • Include links to your project if available and your LBRY channel link.
  • Include your wallet address for public funding CTA’s.

Please use the Projects channel in our community server to register your interest.

Crowd Funding

We also have a crowd funding channel in our community, for anyone with a good idea, wanting to raise funding form the community. @Madiator2011 has already used this service successfully.

We are also looking to create a version of @grin’s Quadratic Funding proposal, using funds generated from our channel posts. So keep an eye out for that.

Kind regards,

Team LBRY://Nomics.
An independent community project.


Instead of using Google Docs. I would recommend using LBRY it self. You can publish an anonymous publication or make a channel for your publication. LBRY can host any file what so even, not just video. You can even provide a link, so people will not need to load they whole Odysee webpage to just get a copy of a document.

Also I would suggest to mirror the Discord server to Matrix. Since a lot of people ( me included ) will never use Discord unless it becomes Free / Libre Software. And I would also accept from people file via Matrix, Email and even OnionShare if they are very paranoid.


Yep, people can use what ever they like. Just as long as it’s easy to access and read.
We do have a Matrix Bridge already. Vlad runs it, so it’s mostly Portuguese. Maybe @Madiator2011 can port his in to the LBRY://Nomics Discord also?

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@Madiator2011 In reply to your comment - would love to hear your opinion :slight_smile:

I really like @grin’s idea. I would also add participant weighting to it. The more credentials you have, the the more your stake is matched.

The logic would be, if more people with higher credentials support a project, the more likely it is that it’s a good concept, thus would be safer to fund with higher amounts.

That would also be a good project - creating a mechanism where a bot could determine your weighted score.

You could use existing LBRY data to partly achieve this, by looking at things such as the following:

  • The age of the channel.
  • How much original content has been uploaded.
  • Is the channel verified.
  • Does it use YouTube sync and if so how many followers - more YouTube subs = higher score.
  • How much supports are on the channel.

You could also use a method similar to KeyBase, where, if a channel has matching codes on their social media and dev platforms, this can also be used to weight their score.

  • It would also work well for community voting.