1 Bug and 1 Suggestion

  1. Odysee does not work as described here: How do tipping and supporting work on LBRY?

There is no “make permanent” check-box, so I guess you are just sending LBC to a creator you like… so how do you “promote” (stake) a video? The ability to promote content is the reason LBC has value, so this is quite important.

  1. From a UX perspective, I suggest you separate out “tipping” - which is permanently sending LBC to a creator you like, from “promoting” – i.e. temporarily locking LBC to boost a video for views. These are totally different things. And I would use the term “promote” to describe that second activity (“support” isn’t the right word).

This will be coming to Odysee in the future with a toggle option.

I’ve just fallen foul to this discrepancy.

I read the FAQ and intended to send a revocable tip to a content creator.

I receive a flash message suggesting an ‘rpc related error had occurred’

Upon retrying (using the back option to return to the video and clicking the support option) the selection to send as a Tip was reselected. Unknowingly I then actioned a tip. In this instance I expected a confirmation but it went through immediately.

Aside from the disconnect between the FAQ and the app what should I do to get a refund? Contact the video creator?

I’m using a OnePlus 6T phone running library on Android 10 (Oxygen OS 10.3.8)

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The two actions should not be conflated in the UI in the first place as they are totally different things.

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