Uploading videos to where?

I am trying to understand exactly what is going on with Lbry and my first question is that when I post a video where is it uploading to exactly? Is the location stored within the blockchain itself and how does the network determine later where to find the video?

ie: It sounds like this is using a pier to pier network so is the blockchain being updated as more and more people download a video to enable others to find it in different locations?

Is there a technical page somewhere I can read up on this process?



From my understanding, 1 copy gets stored on a centralized server, and everyone who’s using the desktop app gets a copy on their local drive, which technically creates a CDN-like distribution of content.
However, you need to have the LBRY app running in the background to serve it to other people.

Downloading doesn’t happen when using lbry .tv or odysee .com though.
As for the mobile app, no idea.

For more information:

That all sounds great except I’m not sure it is true. ie: I have the app on my linux box but I don’t see any sign that I’m sharing videos with anyone else. I also found something in another document stating that if you really did want to share that you’d have to open up an unmentioned port on your firewall and point to whatever computer was doing the sharing.

I would think for such an important subject there would be a specific video on “How to make sure the lbry network is secure” or anything along those lines. Because without specific details on how things work people are just going to treat it exactly the same as youtube which is exactly what is happening right now.

Yeah, it seems like it only applies to the desktop app, which seems to be on its way out anyway.

That can’t be the case because the desktop app is the only thing performing peer to peer networking. If you were to remove it from the equation we’re back to another youtube like product.

Not to blackpill you, but it really seems to be the direction Odysee is heading to.
To avoid repeating myself, you can read my explanation here:

wow, if that is true it is disappointing. I just watched owner of lbry company bragging about how it wasn’t like youtube and was censor proof. I’ve been suspecting for a while that they were not what they claimed but will keep digging to find out. Will also check into peertube.